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Arrow Air Runner Curve Treadmill


Why Curve?

Carbon Neutral Arrow Curve Treadmill

Burn 30% more calories than your average motorised treadmill. Thats correct this commercial Arrow Curve Treadmill Packs an incredibly comfortable workout in such a small package using NO ELECTRICITY! Having a low carbon footprint, the Arrow Curve treadmill is ideal for any fitness level or facility Placing greater demand on the user than traditional motorised treadmills.

  • Arrow developed perfect curve to ensure the correct user biomechanics
  • Increased rate of exertion compared to a flat treadmill = More Calorie burn
  • Self powered / Simple to use
  • Safer than a traditional treadmill ( More Grip , No Motor, Self Propelling)
  • No Electricity required (Less Costs over time)
  • Long Service Life (No Motor and less moving parts)
  • Great for those with joint injuries wanting to use a treadmill by offering a more natural curve stride 
  • NO MAX speed limit


More Calorie Burn?

Arrow Curve Treadmill Muscle Use

Use More Muscle Groups and Expend More Energy

Due to the propelling technique required to drive the running belt forward (similar to running outside), the Arrow curved treadmill recruits more muscles (glutes and hamstrings) throughout your run. By minimising the vertical displacement of the body’s centre of mass (COM) on the curved treadmill there is a coinciding increase in energy expenditure

Arrow Curve Treadmill Running posture

Run More Naturally and Burn More Calories

The Curve design encourages you to run on the balls of your feet, which in turn reduced the impact on joints and improved running performance. There is more core and trunk engagement due to the need to run at an ergonomically correct angle. This forces you to maintain proper posture otherwise you will feel off balance and will affect your running gait.

Feels Like?

Arrow Curve Treadmill Rubber Slat

The 10mm thick rubber slats create the ultimate cushioning support for your joints which feels like “RUNNING ON AIR”

Step on the Curve treadmill, lean forward and begin walking or running to your own pace. Once you stop the curve runner will stop providing a safer user experience.


Types Of Training?


Sprint Training - Having no motor allow the user to start quickly and change speeds quickly


HIIT Training- Various interval speeds with self propelled quick changes also monitored by the HIIT console eg. 30/90 sec


Group Training- Perfect for group training with quick user changes (not having to wait for a motor to slow)

 Specifications - 



Multi Window 5” LCD Display 

Interval Programs (Tabata or self managed )

4 Adjustable resistance Lever

Time Speed Distance Watts Calories Display


10mm Commercial Rubber Slat Cushioning

Multi Handle Grips

Safety Rails 


124 x Industry leading carbon steel 608zz precision bearings

4 pillow block bearings

Self Propelling No Motor or electronics

Product Weight

135kg Product Weights 155kg Shipping Weight

Product Dimensions

W 80 x  L 170 x H 160cm

180kg Weight Capacity


160 x 44 cm Running surface

7 Years Frame Warranty

2 Year Parts Warranty Commercial

1 Year Labour Warranty Commercial