What's Included?

Multiple Adjustment Points

 Multiple easy adjustment points for your smith machine and cable machine.

Perfect for different exercises for all fitness levels. 

Dual Function Cable Design

 The Arrow Platinum Functional Trainer's exclusive dual function cable design allows you to do many more specified movements to take  your training/ personal training to the next level.

 2 x 75kg Weight Stacks

Linear Bearing Smith Machine

 The Arrow Platinum Smith Machine Trainer includes a linear bearing smith machine that is designed to provide a smooth friction free movement vertically so you can focus on achieving your new personal bests.

Pu Rubber Chin Up Grips/

Rock Climbing Chin Up Grips


Enjoy doing pull ups with the high quality polyurethane (PU) rubber chin up grips, due to the PU rubber used these chin up grips are highly resilient to breaking down from high amount of use, perfect for extended use. 

Located behind the chin up grips are rock climbing grips for a different grip variation, the benefit of these rock climbing grips is they strengthen your hand strength and forearm strength which helps with grip for general weight training. 

Weight Plate and Attachment Storage

Ever find having a seperate storage rack takes up too much space?

Well the Arrow Functional Trainer Smith Machine has you covered.

Located on both sides of this training unit is weight plate holders and spaces to place your attachments, no more misplacing equipment or having them potentially getting damaged. 


Attachments Included


1x Tricep Rope

2x Arrow Commercial Single Handles

1x Aluminium straight row bar

1x Aluminium straight bar connects to both cables





2x 75kg Weight Stacks

2351 x 1367 x 2159 mm LWH