The Arrow Series is a premium Commercial Fitness Equipment Range that is supplied exclusively by Southern Cross Fitness. The products within the ARROW range have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide a product of superior quality and functionally.

Unmatched Durability 

The ARROW Elite Speed Rope is designed to stand the test of time. This rope is suitable for both commercial facilities and home use. This rope is a perfect addition to your gym bag and is suitable for all types of functional training. 

Super Fast 

The metal handles of the ARROW Elite Speed Rope ensure that the rope is very fast making double-unders easier to string together. The ARROW Elite Speed Rope also has bearings in the handles allowing for an even and smooth spin for every revolution, making this rope a breeze to use and super fast. 


Easily customised to suit the height of any user. (total length of rope is 9FT)

Travel Friendly 

The Arrow Elite Speed Rope is compact and lightweight making it the perfect piece of equipment to take on your travels. 

Plastic VS Metal Handles? 

The ARROW Elite Speed Rope has lightweight metal handles. Compared to speed ropes that have plastic handles the Elite Speed Rope will be slightly heavier in your hand which allows you to get a quick speed out of the rope easier, with less wrist fatigue. The Elite Speed Rope will spin quicker than the plastic handled speed ropes and provide a quicker and move-even spin making double-unders and skipping easier to master. The metal handles extend the life of this rope as they stand the test of time much longer than traditional plastic handled ropes.