Ab Mats


Have you ever tried to do some crunches, only to realize that the floor hurts your back?

It depends on where you do the crunches, but the truth of the matter is you need the right support.

That is why athletes use anåÊab mat. The name of this nifty device represents the fact that it‰۪s supposed to help you do those ab workout exercises, including regular crunches.

It‰۪s not just about the support but a more effective workout. Yet safety always comes first when working out, and the mat is definitely supposed to support your spine. You are better able to exercise your full range of motion, too, which is of course supposed to help you get a much better workout.

If you do crunches daily, maybe this would be a good investment for you. You will want to make sure you use the mat properly to maximize your workout.